Paper cuts of love.

Quilling is my hobby.  I’m a quiller.  I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as nerdy about anything before as I am about quilling.  It’s fun, challenging, relaxing, and a serious time-killer all in one.  You can tell a quiller by looking at their fingers… actually, you’d have to get your eye about 3 inches from their fingers to notice, so just take my word for it… quillers get these teeny-tiny paper cuts all over their fingers, namely Thumbkin and Pointer, due to working with thin strips of paper—it’s just the nature of the hobby.  I put my paper cuts in the same category as writers’ callouses and the like—they’re completely worth it because they are a badge of honor earned by honing a much-loved craft.

Nearly everyone I love has been a recipient of my quilling.  While my husband was deployed to Iraq, I sent him a quilled ship just because I was thinking of him and needed to create something for him with my hands (though, typically, quilling isn’t your most masculine-looking product).  When my brother got married, I quilled a little bride and groom to resemble him and his now-wife because I was so happy for them that I just HAD to make something to commemorate their special day (they even ended up using it for the top of their wedding cake–not my intention, but it was an honor!).  When my sister had her baby, I quilled a piece for them to hang in the nursery because I already love that little baby and want him to have something from Auntie to look at everyday.  While my friend was grieving her father’s death, a quilled seal (as in “Arp! Arp!”–balancing a ball on it’s nose kind of seal) found its way to her to brighten her day.  Quilled snowflakes at Christmastime.  Quilled turkeys and pilgrims’ hats on the place cards at Thanksgiving.  Birthday cards with quilled bugs, flowers, or filigree.  Quilling is a fun and unique way for me to show love to the special people in my life.  Now, quilling has taken me to a new level; that is, quilling for people I have never met, thanks to Etsy (a little website where handmade goods are bought and sold; maybe you’ve heard of it…).  While it’s a little difficult, this “quilling on command” rather than just quilling whenever the mood strikes, I find that I’m motivated by the thought that people are now sharing pieces of quilling with the people they love, too.  That’s how I came up with the name Twirled Peace—quilling is a tiny piece of my contribution to a better world (and it’s spreading!).  I know, I know… it’s cheesy, but it makes the paper cuts totally worth it.


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