Quilling for Boys

Quilling, in my opinion, seems to have an inherent “girly” quality to it, so when the opportunity came to quill a keepsake for a little boy who was about to turn 1-year-old, I  took it on as a fun and interesting challenge!  I decided to do  an outdoor scene with an apple tree, complete with tire swing, and a small variety of toys sort of scattered around on the “grass” (which is painted).  The tree was not my usual type with the swirling leaves; instead, I fringed several strips of green paper and made little pom-poms that filled in to create the green part of the tree.  I also included an airplane in the scene because most little ones are quite taken by things that fly and airplanes also happen to be featured in this little guy’s nursery.  The dragonfly was added right at the end when I needed something to put in that big blank space.  I think if I were to do it over again, I would probably scrap the scene and just do the first initial of the child’s name much larger with maybe one or two quilled enhancements.  The important thing is that the recipient (well, his mom anyway) really liked it, so I’m happy with it too!





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