Gift Tag for a Friend

I have been so blessed since moving to our new community, especially by my next door neighbor-friend. Wanting to do something special for her for Mother’s Day, and wanting it to be more of a simple gesture than overly “gifty,” I decided on a yummy, organic treat I know she enjoys—gummy bears!  For a gift tag, I arranged a few of my quilled flowers on a store-bought tag and, of course, brought it “to life” by adding a happily-singing bluebird and a wandering ladybug.  (In hindsight, I gave the ladybug more of a butterfly trail, but it’s OK… some ladybugs occasionally wander in circles, right?)  I was so pleased by how much the tag dressed up the gift; in fact, I started to feel like the tag was the gift!  In light of that development, I decided to use only her name on the front and used the back of the tag to write a short message—that is, I didn’t want to mess up some lovely quilling with my messy handwriting.  🙂

All the components I used were quilled weeks or months ago… I keep a supply of flowers and “cute critters” (butterflies, ladybugs, bluebirds, etc.) with my quilling supplies for this very reason.


2 thoughts on “Gift Tag for a Friend

  1. Thank you so much! I loved the gummy bears, but I do indeed consider the tag itself a treasured gift. I even keep it on my nightstand and show it to friends and family who come over! You (and Jared) have been such a blessing to us and we could not have picked better neighbors. God has truly blessed all of us! Love, Amy

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