A Simple Quilled Nativity

I hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season!

In past years, I have included quilled snowflakes with many of my gifts; this year, I still gave some snowflakes, but also decided to attempt quilled nativities for giving.  I was very much inspired by a talented quiller/blogger named Cheryl from Cards By Cheryl.  The nativities were easier to produce than expected, it helps to keep the nativity scene simple!  Mine included the Holy Family and an angel—no animals, no shepherds, no wise men.  I also created the scene out of just 2 colors—ivory for Mary, Joseph, and the angel; white for the angel’s halo, Jesus, and the manger.  The white is meant to signify the divine nature of the 2 figures.  While I appreciate the symbolism, I think I will stick to ivory for the entire scene in future nativities.  The ivory is much gentler on the eyes and I think doing all the pieces the same shade will make it more aesthetically pleasing.  My favorite thing about the ivory pieces is that, from a distance, they kind of look like they are made of wood… very cool.  🙂

The “stable” is simply a triangle formed from card stock with the Star of Bethlehem poised at the peak.  Every piece of the nativity has been sprayed with sealant for added stability.

Happy 2011… and happy quilling!

2 thoughts on “A Simple Quilled Nativity

  1. Hi Elizabeth….this is Cheryl from cardsbycheryl and I am just popping you a note to say I love your quilled nativity that was inspired by mine. I stumbled across your blog from my etsy site and wanted to say now I love your quilling.

    I did a blog post today {about snow} but also mentioned at the end of the post about your version of the nativity and thought you might like to check it out.

    Have a great day

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! As you know, I am a fan of your work as well! I included a link to your site on my post with your name, but will be editing it to include the name of your blog also (should’ve done that originally). Happy quilling! 🙂

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