Overquill… overkill… get it?  Tehehe!

I enjoy posting about the pieces that I think turned out well, but I suppose I should keep things real around here by posting the pieces that I’m not so crazy about as well. Here are two.

They were ordered as going-away gifts for military spouses by their FRG (Family Readiness Group) and I was given creative freedom.  The only request was for their unit logo to be featured.  The logo was not easy to recreate with quilling and took several attempts to get right, but I really like how they turned out.  I wish I had left the logo on its own, but nooooooo, I just had to have my precious filigree, bluebirds, and asymmetry. Those elements usually serve me very well; however, in these pieces, the quilling might have gotten in the way of itself a bit.  Oh well… it’s done and, on the bright side, I got very positive feedback from the recipients.  If nothing else, they enjoyed the novelty of this 3-D-type art, which they had never seen before.


2 thoughts on “Overquill

  1. I would think that making a mathematical, geometric shape like that would be super challenging! You really did a nice job translating it into your medium!

    Side note: we should catch up soon! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Becca! You are so right… it took several tries for that shape and I thought it would be unquillable, but that was because I was trying to make one large quilling shape for the green part. When I realized I needed to make the diamond and then fill it in with the little marquise shapes, it all came together. 🙂

    Yes… let’s catch up again soon, it’s been too long!

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