Nativities and Snowflakes

I tried something new this Christmas and offered just two quilled items for sale: 3-piece mini nativities fixed to a base and snowflakes. Both were popular, though the nativities were much more popular than the snowflakes. I ended up selling over 30 sets in about a 3-week window. I am currently thinking about what I want to offer for Spring/Easter quilled items. I used to be able to take on elaborate custom quilling orders, but find these simple offerings to be about the best I can do in this season of my life (maybe once the puppy and the toddler are a little older, I will get back to taking orders like I used to). I deeply enjoy being a small part of your celebrations, still getting to quill, and making a little bit of income all at the same time. Thank you SO much for all who placed orders or got the word out about Twirled Peace over the Christmas season. 🙂

IMG_5804 IMG_5672 IMG_5980 IMG_5925 IMG_6305

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