A Family Tree

You may remember a similar piece from this past spring—a friend of the person who ordered that piece decided she would like one for her mom as well… so here it is.  I was happy to be able to do this one again because it is so full of symbolism and it features 2 of my favorite things to quill—trees and bluebirds!  If you’d like to read more about the symbolism, please view my post from April 28th, “A Take on the Family Tree”.

The challenge with this particular order was the numbers… in the first family tree I made, the recipient had 7 kids, 4 kids-in-law, and 5 grandchildren which made for an easily-balanced piece.  This recipient has 4 children, 3 kids-in-law, and 9 grandchildren.  I originally made the apples (representing the children) the same size as I had for the first family tree, but that looked all wrong… the apples were small and got lost in the tree.  So I added 2 inches to the length of the paper strip to makes the apples and that made a big difference.  4 apples made from 8-inch strips instead of 6-inch strips, on a tree that size, seemed a bit more proportionally correct.  I was also concerned about the number of saplings (one for each of the 9 grandchildren), but I found that varying their heights and making them slightly smaller than they were on the first piece worked out very well.

It was originally going to be sold unframed; however, I found this frame at the store and, because of the unique size of the piece (9″x11″), I grabbed it.  I figured it would be nice for the buyer to only have to worry about purchasing a better mat (the mat that came with the frame was the wrong color and cut crookedly) than to have to bother with getting it custom-framed, which can easily run over $100 because of the height of the piece.

The photos show a little of the process as well as the final product… enjoy!  🙂