Quilled Sweets

I recently finished phase 1 of the South Beach diet… and I feel great!   Anyone who has done this diet knows that there are no sweets allowed for quite a while (except for “sugarless” stuff—eww!), but with sugar on the mind, I bring you these photos of older quilling projects I’ve done involving sweets.

Side note:  I haven’t quilled for a couple months because my husband is deployed and I have moved closer to family… all of my quilling supplies are packed away in storage.  Boo!  Oh well, it won’t be long before I can get back into my quilling groove and I can blog about NEW projects!

Anyway… the wedding cake was made for my brother and his lovely bride.  I formed the cake tiers from clay, but everything else is quilled.  I especially enjoyed modeling the quilled bride and groom after the real bride and groom regarding hair color and style!  I had done this just for fun because I was so excited for them and just HAD to quill something, but it actually ended up sitting atop their wedding cake (which was decorated to look like the decorations on the quilled cake—very cute, and I was very flattered to have my quilling in such a place of honor).

The other 2 quilled sweet items were for my Etsy shop.  The one with the teal and white theme was the very first quilled item I had ever sold on Etsy. Everything you see in both photos (minus the ice cream sundae, which was just for fun) along with their pedestals/holders were originally made for a quilled bakery scene I had started (an idea similar to my produce stand, but with bakery goodies!); however, the whole scene wasn’t coming together as easily as I would have liked (perhaps the topic of another post?), so I decided to dismantle what I had and do two mini-bakery pieces instead.  Most of the other pieces I made for the large bakery scene are in waiting until I get the motivation to tackle the project again (which will happen, eventually…).

Enjoy… all of the sweetness, none of the calories!  🙂