Irish Hymn

This quilled piece is for a man who is currently battling a terminal illness and has experienced profound suffering.  He is proudly Irish, so the words to the Irish hymn Be Thou My Vision were requested on his behalf (which is a favorite of mine as well).

The burned edges of the paper symbolize the trial he has been experiencing, and to show hope and truth (as spoken in the song) are untouched by the flames. The green underneath is a nod to the Irish and is placed under the burned paper to represent the constant, life-imparting love of the Father (God). The dove represents peace through the Holy Spirit.  The dove also carries a small branch to represent God’s promises. The Celtic-type cross (also meant to look Irish-ish) represents the redemptive and eternal work of Christ. The plants on the top and bottom symbolize a changed, but ongoing life, despite the flames. The symbols are white to represent God’s holiness and purity… characteristics of God which, in my experience, seem to take on new meaning in the midst of the most difficult and pain-filled moments.

It has been awhile since I did a piece in which each element had special meaning. Knowing some of this man’s story, I was humbled by the opportunity to make this for him.

A Hymn and a Homecoming

My friend requested this piece for her wedding anniversary because the hymn, “The Church’s One Foundation,” was sung at their wedding 8 years ago.

The request was for blues and browns, and I really liked that combination.  I used primarily 1/8″-width paper strips, some 1/16″-width, and 5/8″-width for the fringed flowers.  I think my favorite thing about this piece is not the quilling, but the blue lettering on beige paper—a surprisingly classic look, almost vintage-y.

There couldn’t have been a better day to blog about this quilled anniversary gift than on Valentine’s Day.  Especially because my friend and her husband are such a sweet couple AND he just got home yesterday after a year in Afghanistan!  What a happy day for their whole family (and their friends too)!  🙂

Here are some photos of the process and the finished product: