Just in Time for Thanksgiving

OK… not really.  Sorry.  Actually, my sister and I quilled these adorable place cards for the Thanksgiving of 2007, but I did not even have so much as an RSS reader back then, let alone my own blog, so that is why you are seeing them for the first time now.  Plus, I also forgot about them until now.  The 2 you see in the photo were packed away with a few miscellaneous quilling items and resurfaced during the “A” project you may have seen just before this post.

While the quilled turkeys, pilgrim hats, and pumpkins are über cute, I think my favorite thing about these place cards is that they are a little rustic looking… the names are handwritten by my sister in brown ink and I’m pretty sure we just used scissor to cut out the paper pieces (no straightedges or fancy cutting machines), so they are totally imperfect, which makes me love them even more.  Looking at them immediately takes me back to that Thanksgiving day.  It was the very first Thanksgiving my sister and I got to host together.  So far, in our adult lives, we have lived states apart and haven’t been together for Thanksgiving.  My husband was deployed to Iraq and I was staying at their home.  We invited a houseful of  friends and family over and everything we ate, except for the gravy (from a jar, tehehehe) was from scratch.  We had SO much fun preparing the menu but, just a day or 2 before the big day, we realized that we didn’t have place cards.  I had just started quilling earlier that year so we decided to go with quilled place cards.  After a couple failed attempts, we came up with the 3 lovely designs you see on the 2 place cards below.  We had 10 guests, I think, and everyone got a place card featuring a quilled element or two and it really added something special to our Thanksgiving table.