50 Hearts

My Mother’s Day wish was to have just a bit of time to quill. So my husband took the baby while I made this card for someone very close to me who recently turned 50. Card-making is NOT my strength, but I enjoyed the quilling part of it. There are 50 little hearts here, of course, each one representing one year of this wonderful person’s life so far. She liked the card and I enjoyed making it for her even if I wasn’t thrilled with the look of the card over all. 



Bear and Pig Classic

One of my adorable nephews was born in late 2008.  I was teaching 3rd grade at the time and had very little time for quilling, but this was my sister and her husband’s first baby and I knew I wanted to quill something special to present to him on his birth day.  They did not find out the gender of their little one until he was born, but they had the nursery done in Classic Pooh so that is what I used for inspiration.  I’ve included a photo of the painting so you can compare it to the quilled version.  The 2 are considerably different, but I was still satisfied with the results—I feel that the quilled version still captures that special moment between the eternal friends without duplicating the painting exactly.  I was especially pleased with the way the tree turned out and Piglet is definitely “Piglet”… my Winnie the Pooh still bugs me to this day; I feel he lacks proper likeness and, also, his left arm is a bit misshapen.  I had the piece professionally framed and, though I could fix Pooh’s arm, it would mean dismantling the lovely frame, so I suppose the arm will always look that way.  Of course, I had to add bluebirds—they work really well in this scene!   I visited my sister and her family this past week, saw the piece hanging in my nephew’s room and decided to share it now—almost a year and a half after completing it (I wasn’t blogging back then).

Where does the “Bear and Pig” thing come in?  Well, I have no idea what the rules are about copyrights and whatnot, so anytime I do a piece based on licensed characters (which I typically try not to do), I am careful to refer to it in generic terms.  I’m sure it’s unnecessary, but it’s become sort of a comical thing and it can’t hurt to be careful.  🙂