The title of this post was my first choice for an Etsy shop name, but I’m glad it was already taken.  Forced me to dig deeper.

Anyhoo… here is my latest quilling, done for my Etsy shop since I hadn’t added anything new since I started back in January.

I took the famous verses on love (I Corinthians) and added some filigree and hearts.  Kept it simple with the colors (or lack thereof)–just black, white, and red.  My favorite part of the piece is where it sort of wanders onto the black mat, which is where the filigree goes from black to white.  I will be quilling one more piece around these verses, but I’m guessing it’s going to land a bit on the lighter, fun-loving side.  I’m envisioning some love birds, maybe a tree.  We’ll see where it takes me–the suspense is so much fun!

Jeremiah 29:11

This piece was recently custom ordered for a Mother’s Day gift.  I am a Christian and this is a verse with which I am quite familiar; however, it struck me as I was placing my quilled touches around the print that this is an extraordinarily appropriate text to use for Mother’s Day because there is so much hope and optimism in this one sentence.  All the fantastic mothers I know, including my own, thrive on imparting a sense of hope and optimism to their children and work tirelessly to make their children’s futures bright.  These powerful words were spoken by God to His people who were in exile and experiencing much hardship, but there is a universality to this statement that make it a welcome encouragement to God’s people today as well.

And that’s my sermon for today!  Now, back to the quilling.  The request was for this verse to be surrounded by colorful flowers.  I started out with just the blossoming vine, using small flowers in bright blue, purple, yellow, pink and orange; however, when I did a “test run” with just the vines and small flowers, I wasn’t satisfied.  It needed a PUNCH of some sort, so that’s when I added the 3 larger flowers, which I designed to be just slightly funky, but still sweet and feminine.  After adding 2 small butterflies (the universal symbol of hope, among other things), this project told me it was complete.