Stormy Seas

We’ve recently moved from Texas to Kentucky so my husband could further pursue his education.  He has been deployed to Iraq two times in the last three years with the army, so we are thrilled to finally be settled here for a little while with no deployments on the horizon!  As we were unpacking, I came across a card I had quilled and sent to him at the beginning of his first deployment in 2007 (it’s looking really good for all it’s been through, plus I am pretty sure I had forgotten all about it until we came across it a couple days ago).  I made the card for him because I was brand new to quilling and he wanted to see a sample of my work, and I wanted to give a nod to one of his “heroes” (for lack of a better term), Peter Marshall, who always had paintings of a ship on stormy seas hanging in his office.  I chuckled when I saw it because that really was my intention—to quill a ship on a stormy sea—yet there is clearly a sun and a pleasant blue sky.  Hmm.  The water is a little rough though, I suppose.  (Side note: If you don’t know who Peter Marshall is, the movie  A Man Called Peter is a good introduction, plus watching it is just plain good for the heart.)  Anyway… it’s not the greatest photo—I just saw the card, grabbed my cell phone and took the picture.  And I now have Styx “Come Sail Away” stuck in my head… so, yeah, the “stormy” thing just isn’t landing.  Oh well.