Another Tree… or is it?

I’ve recently moved and have finally (and officially) taken my quilling stuff out of storage… yay! The first project completed at our new apartment was to fulfill an order for a 5″x7″ piece featuring the Scripture passage Proverbs 3:5-6 and the colors brown and pink.  While some sort of symbolism might be able to be derived from this piece (and surely this passage deserves some sort of symbolism), I really just wanted it to look earthy, not too frilly, and I wanted the quilling to resemble something between a tree and a vine.  It’s what I visualized immediately upon receiving the order (before I even knew what Scripture passage the customer would be using) and it turned out exactly the way I imagined.  This fact is somewhat significant because most of the time, I do not have an exact picture in my mind of how I want the a piece to turn out… which is why, when I speak about my pieces, I tend to anthropomorphize them in a sense, like they have a life of their own and tell me when they are complete or tell me what needs to be added or taken away.  Such was not the case with this one, which is OK now and then.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a picture in your mind and then create something that is identical.  I found it quite gratifying.

I think my favorite thing about the piece is that the tree/vine is exactly that… it is very tree-like because it clearly has a trunk, but the trunk almost appears to unravel as it takes on more vine-like qualities.

I wish I had been more careful with the 3rd photo (with frame) because you can totally see my reflection in the glass… oh well.  🙂