I spent Christmas in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was so inspired by the beautiful snow there that I just had to quill some snowflake ornaments.  I gave most of them away as gifts, but kept a couple behind to hang on my windows here at home (where we have no snow).  2 of the snowflakes were quilled using 1/8″ wide paper strips and the rest were quilled using 1/4″ strips (which is my preference for appearance and strength)… all were quilled in the color “bright white.”  I wish I had gotten better photos, but these will have to do––click on the photos to see them up close.

Let it Snow

I sort of see this blog as a fun way to document my quilling projects… while I recognize that this might not interest many people, I’m hoping that some of what I post on here will inspire and motivate my fellow quillers because I know I am very inspired and motivated by looking at quilling that others have done.

My most recent project was snowflakes–they were donated (through Etsy) for a fundraiser to fight breast cancer.  I love making snowflakes because, even though I work off of a pattern, I am getting better at finding my own little ways of making every snowflake unique, just like nature intended.  🙂